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AboutJessica Gebauer

Hi all! I’m Jess Gebauer owner, designer, jeweler-in-cheif, and blogger at Jessica Allison Jewelry. I'm just writing today to introduce myself and tell you a little more about me!

My first experience with jewelry was quite a long time ago in a high school jewelry class where I first worked with metal; soldering, sawing, designing, and doing super-basic stone settings. I was a girl in love within only a few weeks. From then on, jewelry fabrication and design was the life for me — I was hooked. 

After attending Savannah College of Art and Design, I immediately began working as a jeweler. I have now been working in the industry for over twelve years. I started off my career with a bit of good luck when I landed my first job working for a high-end jeweler near my hometown in central New Jersey. At the time I still had a lot to learn but was hard-working and dedicated, and within a few months, I’d proved myself. Of course, I’ve continued to learn and grow every day, even now. I have since worked for several other jewelers — some very high-end, some not — and have taken away lessons and skills from all of them.

While I have always been a jeweler and have honed my skills throughout the years, I have also held many other positions in the industry, giving me a unique and valuable perspective. The well-rounded and in-depth knowledge I have acquired has helped make me the best jeweler, designer, guide, and teacher I can be. My experience and expertise ranges from casting, laser welding, jewelry repair, machine engraving, and stone setting to jewelry design, custom jewelry creation, and hand fabrication. I also have experience in client services, vendor relations, manufacturing, 3-D printing, CAD, watches, sales, and shop management.

From the very start, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with industry professionals who hold high standards in both client services and deliverable products. It takes integrity to uphold standards in any industry, and I was fortunate to learn what it takes to be a damn good jeweler, in every sense, right from the get go. Blogging has been an excellent outlet where I can combine all of my knowledge and deliver it to the public for the betterment — and enjoyment! — of both consumers and industry professionals alike.

Through all these years (and jobs!), I am fortunate to have had family and friends supporting me. My husband, Tom, and I have been together since we were seventeen years old. We both attended the same high school and colleges, following each other up and down the east coast as life took us on a ride we hadn’t expected. After several moves, we now live in Jersey City where I run Jessica Allison Jewelry. We have two rescue dogs: a Greyhound named Bella and a Boston Terrier-Chihuahua mix named Dorie.

My husband, Tom and I with metal vocalist Abbath in Oslo, Norway at Inferno Festival. (Yes, Abbath always makes faces when you take pics with him.)

My husband, Tom and I with metal vocalist Abbath in Oslo, Norway at Inferno Festival. (Yes, Abbath always makes faces when you take pics with him.)

On another note, I’m a diehard fan of extreme heavy metal music (Ironic, I know.), enjoy jazz, rock, bluegrass and a variety of strange music that has never touched the top 40. I’m also a Jimmy Buffet fan, love Harry Potter, succulent plants (I was on that boat way before it became a thing!) any meal out and a good craft brew. I can be caught listening to plenty of podcasts, “This American Life” and “Snap Judgement,” being two of my choice programs.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll tell me a little bit about yourself!